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Milking Bank Primary School

To go further than I thought; to run faster than I hoped; to reach higher than I dreamed.

Science in Action

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Science Enrichment Day 2023

Our Science Enrichment Day 2023 focussed on women in science. The children spent time exploring the life and work of a famous scientist. Each year group got their own female scientist to explore!


Nursery and Reception got their first real taste of Science in action by using Nina and the Neurons as their inspiration. They even had a go at melting some frozen dinosaurs!


Year 1 explored the life and work of Mary Anning who discovered dinosaur fossils along the Jurassic Coast in Lyme Regis. They even got the chance to make their own fossils!


Year 2 explored the work of Rachel Carson who was a marine biologist. Rachel found that pesticides were able to enter the food chains which affected ocean life, animals and even humans. Can you imagine what life would be like today without Rachel’s work?


Year 3 explored the work of Jane Goodall who spent over 60 years studying chimpanzees. They even thought about what they might look like if they became a scientist.


Year 4 explored Ada Lovelace who is known to be the first computer programmer. I wonder how different life would be today without Ada’s discovery?


Year 5 looked at the importance of the work that Katherine Johnson undertook. Without her, the USA may not have got to space! Year 5 also looked at star constellations.


Year 6 explored Rosalind Franklin whose work in the field of DNA was crucial. Year 6 had a go at making their own strands of DNA!