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To go further than I thought; to run faster than I hoped; to reach higher than I dreamed.

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Programmes and Services for Children & Young People as Part of the Covid Recovery Plan - Children & Young Peoples Team - Dudley MBC - Public Health

The Emotional Cup

8 Ways To Help Children During Lockdown

10 ways to build positive mental health habits

Managing Corona Virus Anxiety

COVID 19 Useful Well-being webites:




A great children’s resource: A Happy Self Journal:


The world is in crisis. Keep Calm, Stay Wise & Be Kind.

This Active Coping Calendar has daily actions for April 2020 to help us look after ourselves and each other as we face this global crisis together.


NHS advice:


Talking to children about Coronavirus Advice on talking to children about Coronavirus, by British Psychological Society: %20Files/Talking%20to%20children%20about%20Coronavirus.pdf


How to talk to your child about coronavirus, by Unicef:


 Child-friendly explanation of Coronavirus for Primary age students:


Information video on Coronavirus for Primary age children (KS2), by Brainpop: Information video on Coronavirus for older children/adults, by WHO:


Your wellbeing Coronavirus and your wellbeing, by Mind UK: 5 ways to wellbeing, by Mindkit:


Coronavirus is all over the news, with talk of schools closing, events being cancelled, and people being kept in quarantine. It’s understandable that many children, and adults, are anxious about the virus and how it could impact them.  How can you support your child, and yourself, with these concerns? We share some of our tips, and some useful resources, to put this in context .


There is much that each one of us can do to support the wellbeing of those in our lives


My motto is ‘Together we can make a difference’. One of the things I noticed very quickly when I was working in school was that there was a real lack of ELSA resources. I am a bit of a Google queen but even so it was difficult, without spending a huge amount of money on things, to find anything really suitable. I ended up writing my own planning and coming up with ideas and thought why not share them, that was the start of ELSA Support……


Social story PDF.  From ELSA support. An excellent resource for younger children, or those with additional needs, about coronavirus using a social stories format. It will help young people or those with additional needs to understand the troubling situation.


YouTube video. A Dr Panda video, originating from China, explaining viruses and protective measures, it discusses handwashing and social distancing aimed at 3-8-year-olds. Warning: it emphasises face mask-wearing when out, which is not current guidance from the NHS, otherwise content is suitable for the UK.


Downloadable Resource. Twinkl has advice for schools and early years settings as well as home learning packs for the EYFS. Many free resources can be downloaded; however, some resources are linked to a subscription, which costs about £6 a month. Twinkl is allowing free downloads for many of their coronavirus related products, including home learning packs. You will need to set up an account which is free to do.


Downloadable Resource Twinkl has also completed an interactive timetable for three and four-year-olds when at home during preschool closures.


Book. Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henks. A book aimed at 4-8-year-olds about anxiety and worry, beautifully illustrated. Available from libraries or Amazon (£5.39 new)

Book. The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. A book aimed at 4 to 8-year-olds, which can be used to explore young children’s feelings. A pop-up version and a colour monster activity book are also available. From libraries or Amazon (£5.35 new)


App. Chill Panda is an app that helps children learn to relax and manage their worries. The app suggests simple tasks to suit your state of mind, such as breathing techniques and light exercise.

It can be downloaded from the App Store for free

or from Google play




Fun 5 minute activities: