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Milking Bank Primary School

To go further than I thought; to run faster than I hoped; to reach higher than I dreamed.

Anti Bullying Week Celebrations

Have a go at making an odd sock buddy

We are supporting Anti-Bullying Week 2020. The children and staff wore odd socks to school on Monday 16th November to support the campaign.

Anti-Bullying Week Competition

To celebrate Anti-Bullying Week 2019 'Change starts with us' the whole school took part in a competition. KS 1 designed an anti-bullying teddy bear with a special message and KS 2 designed bookmarks that displayed a special anti-bullying message. Here are a few of the designs....

On Tuesday 12th November we watched an anti-bullying show delivered by The Power of One! Following the show, every class wrote a verse for a whole school poem and signed a pledge board which is displayed in our school entrance.

Milking Bank’s

Anti-bullying Poem


You pick on me ‘cos I’m different.

You sniggeras I walk past.

To you it’s quickly  forgotton,

But for me, the feeling will last.


Bullying can spread

Violence is never the cure.

You’ve got to use you head.

So give bullying the door!    (3F)


If you see something wrong,

Do the right thing and stay strong,

DON’T walk on by, stand up and say NO,

Tell an adult, move away, tell the bully to GO!   (2W)


Being bullied is like rumbling thunder in a storm, it makes you want to become invisible.

Being  bullied is like being thrown into a ferocious cage,

It sounds like deafening silent screams.

Being bullied feels like swimming in shark infested water,

It smells like poisonous gas filling the room around us.

Don’t be a bully!

Be the best buddy!  (5SC)


The Power of One!

Do you want to be my friend?

Do you want to join our group?

Are you upset or hurt?

Tell a teacher!  (1J)

The Power of One!

Do you want to play?

Are you ok?

Will you be my friend?

You are the Power of One!  (1JB)


Buddies are better than bullies.

Don’t let the bully team grow.

Stand up to bullies, and tell.

Do it now and not tomorrow!  (3G)


Stop and think about how others feel,

Bullying causes wounds that are hard to heal.

Bullying can happen to anyone, it can feel like a battle that cannot be won.

It makes you feel alone and sad,

You have emotions  you never knew you had.

Anxious, isolated, lonely and weak.

Standing up makes you stronger.

There is no place for bullying in our school,

We need to remember the POWER OF ONE !  (6D)

On Tuesday 12th November the whole school got to wear 'Odd Socks' in recognition of Anti-Bullying Week.

Anti-bullying Poem

 Written by class 5W


Being bullied is like a nightmare,

Ominous and grey, that cannot be escaped.

Being bullied is a waterfall of emotions,

Extinguishing happiness.

Being bullied is an endless staircase,

Weakening the soul.

Being bullied is a never ending corridor of pain,

Immersing you in an isolated world.

Being bullied is like a stubborn stone in your stomach,

Weighing you down.

Being bullied is a tsunami overtaking your mind and feelings,

Washing away your strength.

Being bullied is a never ending battle.