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Milking Bank Primary School

To go further than I thought; to run faster than I hoped; to reach higher than I dreamed.


The governors of Milking Bank work collaboratively with the Head Teacher. Members of the Governing Body are made up of elected parents, co-opted governors, one LA governor and a staff governor. All governors are appointed for a period of four years.


None of Milking Bank's governors are members of any other school governing body. Jill and Trevor Hall are married and are parents of Rebecca Wade, who teaches in Reception. No other governors are related to any other members of the school staff.


Parent Governors


Parent governors are your voice in decisions about how our school is run. They are elected by the parents through a ballot. If you have any queries, the names of your representatives are shown below. 


At present, the members of the Governing Body are:


Name of Governor Role Term of Office
Mr Matt Cox (Chair) Co-opted 12/03/18 - 10/03/22
Mrs Vicky Cunningham Local Authority 25/06/18 - 24/06/22
Mr Carl Morris Co-opted

 16/07/19 - 15/07/23

Mrs Jill Hall Co-opted     01/01/16 - 31/12/19
Mr Trevor Hall Co-opted   31/09/19 - 31/08/23
Mrs Sue Lowe Staff      12/11/19 - 11/11/23
Mrs Karen Brass


Head Teacher

Mrs Helen Todd Parent 26/10/18 - 25/10/22 
Ms Emma Middleton Parent 26/10/18 - 25/10/22 
Mrs Michelle Owen Parent 24/09/18 - 23/10/22 
Mr Andrew Davies Parent 14/12/20 - 13/12/24
Mr Scott Worton Parent 14/12/20 - 13/12/24
Mrs C Ludwig Clerk


Governing Body Committee Structure 2020-21

Register of Business Interests


No governors have any business interests, however two governors have a link with a member of staff at Milking Bank Primary School.


September 2020

Governors Code of Conduct