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Milking Bank Primary School

To go further than I thought; to run faster than I hoped; to reach higher than I dreamed.

Home Learning

Milking Bank COVID-19 Risk Assessment Plan for June 1st Operning

Covid-19 Response and Home Learning

In response to the Covid-19 closures, arrangements have been made for a programme of work to be available for your child. If you have any queries please email

We also have a list of Websites to Support Online Learning that parents may wish to complete alongside their child(ren) as additional activities. These websites include a wealth of games, resources and activities.


Bedazzle Challenge

Art Activities

The Stay at Home Superheroes

Advice and Support

Milking Bank Primary School is extremely committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our children and their families and staff. We continue to closely monitor all guidance by following UK government and NHS advice to make informed decisions from the information available to us. The UK threat level is now classed as 'moderate' which has raised from the original 'low'. It is important to ensure we are aware of our own situations and threats close to our environments and act accordingly.

Below are some links to Coronavirus advice and documents to support everyone during this time.

Letters to Parents / Useful Information

In order to further learning at home,  pupils have the ability to access a variety of websites at home. The children will have copies of their usernames and passwords in their pupil planners/reading records. The following sites will also be accessible via a tablet.


Please note that all of the below websites, in particular RM Unify, are best accessed through Google Chrome as an internet browser. 


We hope you find the below links helpful in supporting your children at home. 


Additional Resources



Reception and Year One

Pupils in Reception and Year One have access to BugClub to help further their reading skills. 

Our school code is: j67h

Year Two

Pupils in Year Two have access to BugClub (as above). In addition they can also use Hit the Button and log into RM Unify to access Purple Mash. 


Children in KS2 have access to the following websites to further embed their learning. 

Year Six only:

Children in year six also have access to the following websites to support their learning.

Staying Active and Keeping Busy!

We would like to encourage our children to stay active at home where possible. The best advice is to get outdoors as much as they can, however these links may help if you are unable to do so.

There are also additional websites for  varied activities too!