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Milking Bank Primary School

To go further than I thought; to run faster than I hoped; to reach higher than I dreamed.

Step Inside Year 6

Spring Term Highlights

Year 6 have been working very hard this half term! We have had lots of fun.


Enrichment day


This term's enrichment day was based on friendship. We created some artwork about characteristics of a good friend. Also, we drew a heart on a piece of paper and scrunched it up. Then, we tried to fix it and get rid of the creases but nothing worked. This shows us that we can say sorry for doing something but it will never really fix a broken heart. In the afternoon, we played draughts with our friends and created a Year 6 kindness banner.


History and Geography


In History, we have been learning about the Maya. We have discovered where the Maya used to live (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize and Mexico); we also learnt about their religious rituals (bloodletting, human sacrifice and death and burial), their gods and their writing and number systems. We also created some Mayan masks which was very fun. We used feathers, pipe cleaners and paper squares - they looked amazing and we also enjoyed making them!


In Geography, we have been learning about the Amazon basin. We have learnt about the relationship between the agouti and the Brazil nut tree and how they work together to sustain the rainforest. We have also drawn some of the animals that live in the rainforest and know which layer of the rainforest that they live in. In addition, we have explored the lives of Amazon tribes and they also have no connections to the outside world.




Woolton pie


This term both classes have taken part in a DT food lesson. We made Woolton Pie as it fitted in with our World War II topic that we enjoyed so much last term. This recipe would've been easy for people in WW2 to make because they grew their own produce - 'dig for victory'. Also, instead of a pastry topping they had potato slices on top, which was equally as nice despite not being sure when we first heard. We had to listen to instructions, peel the carrots, potatoes and swede and dice the vegetables. Our pie contained vegetable stock, potatoes, chick-peas, carrots, swede, parsnips, parsley and cornflower. The majority of Year 6 liked it but some weren't so sure. Thank you to Robyn, Miss Durman, Mrs Carew and Mrs Gooda who helped us to make Woolton Pie. We appreciate being given the chance to make such a wonderful pie.


Written by Yazmine & Ava J                                                                                                                                      6D

Autumn Term Highlights

Year Six Blog


We have had an amazing Autumn Term in Year 6!




As we have had tests this term, we have been really focused in lessons and tried our hardest to succeed and achieve the best results we can. We have recently started SATs boosters on Tuesday afternoons to help with our reading and we have been trying really hard in these lessons. We have been using a new programme called Reading Plus which helps us increase our reading rate whilst keeping our answers as accurate as possible. We have also been trying really hard in Maths, English and Grammar lessons too.




In Maths, Miss Durman's maths group have recently been working on coordinates, fractions and reasoning problems while Mrs Carew's maths group have recently been working on place value, decimals, coordinates, word problems and reasoning problems. We have all been working extremely hard so that our Maths tests results have improved since the ones in September.




Both classes have been catching up on Goodnight Mister Tom. We have written a diary entry about Willie's journey back to London as his mum is unwell. We have really enjoyed getting into character to do this. We have also written a description about the day Tony Foulds witnessed the Mi Amigo crash at Endcliffe Park as a fictional narrative based on the true story. To help us make this piece of writing our best we got into groups and acted out what would have happened to help us imagine the scenery and how the boys would feel. We have tried really hard to include all of the features we have learnt about and used powerful vocabulary.




In P.E, we have been practicing our hockey skills on a Monday lesson. On Tuesdays we have been practicing badminton. We really enjoy having these P.E lessons. In hockey, we have been working on passing, keeping control of the ball, using our bodies to defend the ball and shooting all to lead up to a fun game at the end of this term. In badminton, we have worked on forearm, backhand, drop serve and a smash. Unfortunately, we didn't get to use the nets. 


Our favourite parts


We have really enjoyed recreating a Henry Moore sculpture out of clay. We had lots of fun! We also liked creating our PowerPoints about the circulatory, respiratory systems and blood where we consolidated all of our learning this half term. Another highlight was testing out Now Press Play. This was an experience where we have headphones on and hear a story through them and it tells us actions to do which inspires us to think about how we would feel in that situation. This programme will help us add more emotional language into our writing. We also made some WW2 artwork and they turned out amazing. They looked very realistic!



A big thank you from all of us to Miss Durman, Mrs Carew, Robyn, Mrs Gooda, Mrs Davis,  Mrs Mahmood and Miss Bodman who have helped us incredibly this term!!!


Ava and Yazmine


Our World War II Shoebox Gardens

We were so impressed with the World War 2 Gardens that you created at home. Thank you for sharing!

   Our Bewdley Museum trip


We arrived at Bewdley Museum at 10:00 AM where we met the wonderful museum staff; Amanda, Rosemary, Julia and Barbara.  Amanda showed us the Sawyard and told us that the cobbles where the oldest part of the museum. Rosemary talked to us about how the war started and some of the leaders involved like Winston Churchill, Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler. We spent some time in the education room where we learnt all about the evacuee process, the story of Joan (a real life evacuee) and the experience of a child during WW2 and what they would likely pack in their suitcase when they were evacuated. We also got to go inside an Anderson Shelter that was used during WW2. In the afternoon, we heard the different air raid sirens and we got to play WW2 games like spinning tops, skipping and naughts and crosses! We all had a great day!


Written by Ava and Yazmine