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Milking Bank Primary School

To go further than I thought; to run faster than I hoped; to reach higher than I dreamed.


Miss Aston and Miss Dew's Phonics Group

In phonics this term we will be looking at alternative pronunciations. Use the video clips below for your daily online phonics lesson. 

Monday - Lesson 1 - 'u' in music

Tuesday - Lesson 2 - 'i' in kind

Wednesday - Lesson 3 - ''ow' in snow

Thursday - Lesson 4 - 'ou' in shoulder

Friday - Lesson 5 - 'ea' in feather

Mrs Keasey and Mrs Dipple's Phonics Groups

In phonics this term we will be looking at phase 5 sounds and learning our tricky words. Use the video clip for your daily online phonics lesson.

Monday - Lesson 1 - Focus sound 'e_e'

Tuesday - Lesson 2 - Focus sound 'ie'

Wednesday - Lesson 3 - Focus sound 'i_e'

Thursday - Lesson 4 - Focus sound 'o'

Friday - Lesson 5 - Focus sound 'o_e'

Below are some additional links for you to continue to practise your phonics skills. Remember to select the correct phase you would like to work on.