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Milking Bank Primary School

To go further than I thought; to run faster than I hoped; to reach higher than I dreamed.

Mrs. James/Mrs. Mason

Mrs. James/ Mason 10th March

week beginning 6th December

Please continue to revise and practise all phonemes learnt so far.

Week beginning 29th November

This week we continue to learn the split digraphs of: i-e (ripe), o-e (home), u-e (June) and e-e (these)

Tricky word for reading: asked

Tricky words for writing: were, there

Week beginning 22/11/21

This week we have learnt the phonemes ew (stew), oe(toe), au (author) and begun our split digraphs by looking at a-e (take).

Tricky words for reading looked, called

Tricky words for writing come, some

Week beginning 15th November

We have been learning the phonemes: ue (blue), aw (claw), wh (when), ph (dolphin)

We have been reading the Tricky Words people, Mr Mrs looked and called

We have been spelling the Tricky Words have, like, some, come

Week beginning 8th November

We have continued to revise the Phase 3 phonemes as well as learning our new Phase 5 sounds. This week we have practised oy, ir

Tricky words for reading: people, Mr, Mrs.

Tricky words for spelling: have, like

Week beginning 1.11.21

This week we have been learning some new phonemes. We have started to learn ay, ou (cloud), ie (pie), ea (treat).

Tricky word reading: oh, their

Tricky word spelling: said, so


This week we have been revising the double consonants at the beginning and the end of words and securing the use in reading and spelling of the Phase 3 phonemes.

We have been spelling all the Phase 3 Tricky Words and reading all of the Phase 4 Tricky words.

week beginning 27.9.21

This week we have been practising blending the consonants: tr (tree), dr (droop), and gr (green). Please continue to also read the Phase 4 tricky words.

Week beginning 20/09 - This week the children have been working on the phonemes -sk (ask), -lt (felt), -lp (gulp), -lf (golf), -lk (milk), -pt (kept) and -xt (next). Please  practise making words with these sounds.