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Milking Bank Primary School

To go further than I thought; to run faster than I hoped; to reach higher than I dreamed.

Dudley Schools' Competitions

Year 2 Multi-Skills at Ellowes Sports College - December 2022


Robyn, Miss Mysk, and a team of 10 children from Year 2 travelled to Ellowes Sports College to compete in the Dudley Schools' Multi-Skills Competition. The competition was a Round-Robin style event, with each team completing 8 different activities. The children had a chance to practise each activity before the competition began. The children were so excited to put their skills to the test. After our rotation, competing against 8 other local schools, we were ready to hear the final results. Milking Bank finished 3rd overall - an amazing achievement! A huge well done to all the children involved, whose attitudes were excellent throughout!

Year 5 & 6 Indoor Athletics at Ellowes Sports College - December 2022


Robyn, Miss Bodman and a team of 12 children from years 5 & 6 travelled to Ellowes Sports College to compete in the Dudley Schools' Indoor Athletics event. After some practise in school, the team were excited to finally be competing against 11 other local schools! The boys started the competition with their heat track events, while the girls completed their field events. They then had to swap over. With 6 boys and 6 girls in each team, they had to compete in the following events:

  • 1 Lap Race
  • 2 Lap Race
  • 4 Lap Race
  • 2 Lap Relay Race (4 participants per team)
  • Seated Basketball throw
  • Standing Long Jump
  • Speed Bounce
  • Foam Javelin


Once both the boys and girls had completed all of their events, we awaited confirmation of the results to see how many track finals we had qualified for. Milking Bank qualified for 6 out of the 8 races, winning an incredible 4 finals!

The final scores were calculated and overall Milking Bank finished 3rd! An amazing achievement for the whole team who gave their all in every event! Their attitude and determination to achieve success was outstanding!


Tag Rugby Tournament at Stourbridge Rugby Club - November 2022


Robyn, Mr Farmer and a team of 20 children from years 5 & 6 travelled to the Dudley Schools' Tag Rugby competition at Stourbridge Rugby Club. After weeks of practise in their PE lessons, the children were eager to put their skills to the test!

Milking Bank entered two teams into this competition and were drawn in separate opening groups. Both groups had to play 3 matches within their group. Team 1 finished 3rd in their group, while Team 2 topped theirs!

Both teams played a further 2 matches in their new, final group. Out of 12 schools, Team 1 finished 9th overall and Team 2 finished an incredible 2nd!

All 20 children were a credit to Milking Bank and played with great spirit and determination throughout the competition! Well done to everybody!