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Milking Bank Primary School

To go further than I thought; to run faster than I hoped; to reach higher than I dreamed.

week beginning 27.04.20

Please find below next weeks learning 27.4.20. We hope you find it helpful.



This weeks sounds are wh - when, ph - photo, ew- blew, oe - toe, au - autumn. 

Please look at a sound each day. Begin by revising all Phase 5 sounds from the centre pages in your reading record. Then watch Mr Thorne does phonics.

Write a list of words for each sound or see how many words you can find containing this sound in your reading books.




Each day read a book from your Bugclub selection or register to use Oxford Owl online. This is a free resource.


Kinetic Letters:

This week please use your Kinetic Letter Mat to practise 6-10. One number each day.


Please practise five words each day from your 100 word list. Write each word three times then try writing it again without looking.



This week we are having an animal focus:

1.  Use junk to make a model of an animal.

2. Listen to the non-fiction book from the link below. 

3. Draw and label a giraffe.

4. Use the glossary at the end of the book to find out what these words mean. 

                           lurk, herds, predators

Write sentences using each word.

5. Use the non-fiction book to write 3 facts about giraffes.  Write at least 3 magic sentences. Remember a magic sentence has a capital letter, a full stop and finger spaces. Try to include the word and in at least one sentence.



Year 1 will be looking at subtraction using numbers to 20.  Children can use their number lines to help them.

1. Find all the subtraction facts for 10. eg 10-5=5,10-2=8, 10-8=2

2. Challenge, can you find all the subtraction facts for 20.

3. Pick a number between 12 and 20, roll a dice and take the number away. Write the calculations eg. 13-6=7

4. Play the subtraction games in the links below.