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Milking Bank Primary School

To go further than I thought; to run faster than I hoped; to reach higher than I dreamed.

week beginning 1.6.20


This week in phonics we are asking you to focus on the following alternative sounds and spellings for ch and j. The children already know ch as in chip and j as in jam. They now need to learn the alternative sounds and spellings below. 


                   ch as in machine                                                  j as in fudge

                   ch as in picture                                                   j as in Geraldine the Giraffe

                   ch as in catch

                   ch as in school




1. Revise all the Phase 5 sounds from the centre pages of your reading record.

2. Watch the Phonics video clips.

3. How many words you can find containing these sound in you reading book?


If your child is finding it challenging to learn the above alternative sounds you can follow the Letters and Sounds lessons that you can find on the link below.

Remember new online phonics lessons have started on YouTube this week called 'Letters and Sounds for Home and School'. They follow Letters and Sounds (a government backed programme that we follow in school).   The lessons are uploaded every day at 10:30 a.m. and each lesson lasts approx. 30 minutes. You might find it useful to follow the year 1 lessons with your child.


Reading is so important. Each day read a book from your Bug Club selection or register to use Oxford Owl online. This is a free resource.


Kinetic Letters

This week please use your Kinetic Letter Mat to practise the Fisher Family g, j, y, f.

One letter each day.


Please practise five words each day from your 100 word list. Write each word three times then try writing it again without looking.


This week in maths we will be learning all about time. We will look at o'clock and half past, the language of time and also have a go at time word problems. Watch the video links, have a go at using the interactive clock and complete the activities. You can either print off the sheets or answer some of the questions orally or on paper.

Design your own alarm clock

If you would like to, have a go at designing your own alarm clock based on something you are interested in e.g. sport, animals, Romans, mermaids etc. Think about shape, colour and what it will do. Below are pictures of alarm clocks that you can buy in the shops. They might give you some ideas.


This week our English work will be linked to the book Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne. There are 4 lessons to complete.

lesson 1: exploring the story- pages 1-3

lesson 2: sequencing the story- page 4

lesson 3: adding detail -page 5

lesson 4: all about the characters - page 6


Follow the lessons set out below in the pdf called 'Handa's Surprise Activity Sessions'.

Art Activities

Use the pictures below to colour the fruit basket and the picture of Handa. If you can't print the pictures off, you could copy them onto your own paper.

Design and Technology

Our design and technology is linked to the story of Handa's Surprise.

You must do this activity with a grown up.

Think about making something with fruit. Some suggestions might be fruit ice lollies, fruit smoothie, fruit salad etc. If you can't make anything right now, you could draw and label your idea for a future date.

Remember this is an activity that you need to do with a grown up.